Why Choose Bay Area Cremation?

You may be surprised to learn that most Cremation and Funeral Providers do not own and operate the Crematory where they engage in the Cremation Process. Many will contract out to other facilities for their families who select cremation. We are proud to own and operate A Bay Area Crematory. This facility is state of the art and is monitored via cameras 24 hours a day. The cremation process is powered by highly computerized and energy efficient technology. All of our Certified Operators have been trained in the classroom along with on the job training and have been certified to operate the cremation equipment. Please call and request a scheduled tour.

Our in-house procedures and controls for maintaining the individual identity of your loved one go above and beyond what is required by the State. We employ a bar code tracking system which allows us to track your loved one while in our care.

Because we own our Crematory, we are able to completely control the process. Our experienced team members work together to quickly get all the necessary arrangements in place and to get the required County and State documents registered. This enables us to complete the cremation process and return your loved one’s cremated remains to you within three to four days.